NEW Blog Reveal and a Scavenger Hunt of Freebies!

 There's no secret that Special Ed Teachers have a unique bond with one another.  Over the years of blogging I feel like I have made so many friends because we, together, understand the challenges we face as special education teachers.  To those not in our profession, it may seem like a scary or daunting job.  For us, it's our passion.  

I wanted to do something SUPER fun to celebrate my NEW BLOG.  I know I might be biased, but aint it STINKIN' cute?  I am BEYOND excited with the fresh, clean look!  Let's all thank Erin Hagey from You Aut-A Know.  She designed and installed it and I am forever grateful...because I have NO idea how to go about it!  She also has her own Shop with THE cutest SPED gear.  She has mugs, bags, shirts and tanks!  I want EVERY one :)  Check out her shop by clicking HERE.

I want you to explore my blog and all of the new features.  To do so, we are going to have a little RIDDLE Scavenger Hunt.  I am giving away 6 UNIQUE items from her shop.  Each item has it's own Riddle and Rafflecopter entry.  There is no limit, so enter all 6 if you want!  I will announce all winners on Saturday, August 20th on my blog!  Be sure to come back and check to see if you won!

 We ALL spend countless hours prepping for our classroom.  Join in on the fun and use the #spedprepsunday to share what your prepping that week.  Enter the raffle below to win this cute #spedprepsunday tote bag to store all of your goodies!

Below are 6 riddles to help you find each individual rafflecopter to enter the item shown! 

1.  Time to collect data.  Search my tabs for Data!  Find a post about behavior data and enter the raffle to win this cute Cardio tank.

2.  Utilizing the search tool, FIND a blog post about "SPED PREP" to find a raffle to enter to win this CUTE Laminate.Velcro.Repeat tank top!

3.  I LOVE what I do.  I love being a teacher.  Can you find how to learn more about me.....Find the About me section on my blog to find the raffle to enter to wind this cute Live Love Teach Sped T-Shirt.

4. a boss!  Using the Labels sidebar of my blog- locate the section "PBIS" label.  Find a blog post about my philosophy on challenging behavior!

5.  Check out my slider on my home page.  Aint it cute!?!?  Using the slider, learn more about my Task Box set up!  Find that post to enter a raffle to win this cute Velcro Tumbler.

6.  Use the tabs on the top of my screen..... Check out what we have planned in September!  Find a post about a September art craft with a raffle to win this cute behavior mug!

I hope you made it through my whole scavenger hunt!  You should have successfully entered in 7 different raffle copter entry for a chance to win 7 different SPED STYLE items!  These items will be shipped to you for FREE!  

I hope you love my new blog as much as I do!  Come back next Saturday, August 20 th on my blog to see if you won!!!!


  1. I'm obsessed with your new blog design!!! Also this scavenger hunt was a great idea!

    The Designer Teacher

  2. So much fun! Your blog looks AMAZING!!!! I am super jealous :) Can't wait to check out all of your posts!! Congratulations!!!

  3. I hope I win the behavior mug, but if I don't, can you link the product on your post so that I can purchase it? Thanks! :)

  4. I had a lot of fun! Your blog is very informational and you have some great products.