Organizing and Storing Binder Tasks

I get a lot of questions about how I utilize my work task binders in my classroom.  I love storing tasks in binders because they are not bulky, they are easy to organize, and they are easy to pull out at a moments notice when working with kids.

You can really put anything in a binder.  You can use worksheets and stick them in pocket protectors and use dry erase markers.  You can use velcro assembly tasks.  Yo can also use pockets to store manipulative for extended activities.  Whatever it is, I love to squeeze it into a binder.  Yes, call me binder obsessed!

One of my favorite activities are my TEACCH Binder Tasks for the whole year.  These basic skills are stored in a binder for each skill and are easy to change out each month.  This allows for easy repetition and consistency for our students on the spectrum.  If you want to check those out in my TPT store, click here.

I get a lot of questions how I organize my monthly binder tasks?  Each month has 11 binder sets of activities that fit into a 1 inch binder.  11 binders x 12 months is 132 binders!  THERE IS NO WAY I AM RECOMMENDING YOU BUY that many binders.  Nor do I think any classroom could fit that many!  Here is what I do!  I have 11 one inch binders that I recycle each month.  When the binders are being used for the month I put the contents in each binder and stick it on my self!

When I am NOT using the binder sets I stick each set in a JUMBO sized ziplock baggie.  These are big enough to fit laminate sheets of paper so that you don't lose any pieces.   I use 11 baggies a month...that is way cheaper and way less bulky than binders!

 I also like ziploc baggies because they are easy to bend and store.  They are not as "restrictive" as storing binders.  I stick all of the binder tasks in ziplock baggies inside of my monthly bins.  This keeps everything organized and out of the way until the next school year.

Binder tasks are intended to make your life easier.  They require no planning and are effective hands on activities for your students.  Storing them should not be stressful!

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