Computer Area Visuals

Do you have a computer area in your classroom?  If so, do you have visuals to support your students educational and behavioral needs?  Today I am sharing with you how I run my computer area for seemless transitions to and from the computer area!
I am sure to store my computers in a way to where they are not too obvious and distracting for my students.  I keep them in the corner behind a big cupboard because I really believe in the theory of "out of sight, out of mind!"  LOL.  I know this isn't the case for every child by any means.  But there is nothing more distracting when a kiddo who got all their tokens earns a break on the computer to watch their favorite video.  All my students turn and want it too!

To see a full video tour of how I use these visuals in my computer center, watch the video below!

To grab these visuals for free grab them here from my google drive.  I realized I never put them on TPT for free!

The "Computer is Closed" sign is posted in my store for free!  Simply grab it, print it on red paper, laminate and attach to the computer with velcro!

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