September Activity Plans

This year I want to share my monthly plans ahead of time with you guys so you can better understand how I plan my months!

Click HERE to grab the PDF version of this calendar!

Here area few of the activities I use in the classroom:

Here is my Vocabulary Unit.  I am using 20 vocabulary words this month to create some fun activities in the classroom.  I break up all of the activities included in this product over the month to build comprehension of the vocabulary.  I love to take pre and post data to see how the students did over the month!

I am super excited to work on 5 behavior lessons this month!

We are going to have three interactive bulletin boards over the month.
We are doing Sports, apples and school supplies!

I can't wait to implement my new drawing activities this year.  I love the leveled steps to build independence with drawing basic things!  I am not the best artist so I even struggle with some of these things :) Love the visual supports!
I have a social story for teaching about Labor Day.  My students get so confused when we have a random Monday off.  I love to use my social story to teach students WHY we have the day off!

If you have been following me for awhile you Know I love to collect a million adapted books.   I especially love the seasonal ones!  Here are a few that I use in my classroom.  The Peek-A-Boo Where is the student series is FREE in my store :)

Lastly, I love my September apple binders.  There are SO many skills involved in these TEACCH Binders that they can be used daily for the entire month and my students are not sick of them!

To drive the instruction at my writing center I use some of this leveled basic curriculum.  To read more about my writing center click here.

I can't believe it is already September 1st!  I know this year will fly by like every other school year.  Staying organized and remaining consistent in my classroom will make it for a n easy and stress free year!

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