How to Move in the Classroom

I spend a good part of my day instructing students to slow down, walk with the class and stay with their group.  These commands can become so repetitive during the day.  I was excited to discuss this behavior in detail this wee to cut back on the distractions during educational time!

First, I introduced the social story.  The social story reviewed the importance of staying with the class at all times.

I love these social stories because it comes in 3 levels, all 3 address the same skill.
Level 1 is a simple picture story book.
Level 2 is a picture/text one page social story.
Level 3 is a detailed one page social story without any pictures.

I introduced a this short video I found on you tube too.  It is super simple and repetitive, however I used it for student to get up and practice walking in the classroom.

Following the social story and videos we did a whole group discussion.  Each student got a set of student participation sticks to participate.  We went through all 10 questions and had a lot of fun.

I also did some role play.  Students modeled both good and bad ways to move in the classroom.  Students ALL volunteered to participate with this!

After our role play activities, students calmed down with a simple coloring page activity.

After students showed basic understanding of how to move in the classroom.  We did this fun hands on interactive notebook page.

Students cut and glued under the flaps.

I love these activities because students are able to be independent with this task when following the visual step directions.

I was able to test for understanding at the end of the week with the use of the leveled assessment pages.  My lowest students matched pictures, while my two higher groups answered questions either with multiple choice or simple response questions.

Do you need to teach your students how to move in the classroom?  Set up simple behavior basic workbooks for your students too!

Grab all of these How I Move In the Classroom materials by clicking on the image below:

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