Working With Others

Building a positive classroom community is a goal of mine every day.  The littlest adjustments within your routine and interactions with students can help shape a safe, caring and nurturing environment.  One of the most important things I have found to build a successful classroom is to et students working with one another in a successful manner.

Getting students to work with one another is not always an easy task.  Sometimes it is forced, and that is okay.  It can take time for students, especially those with speech and language deficits, to understand the benefits of working with others.  To start the week,  I introduced the subject with social stories and videos.

Here are some fun videos I found on You Tube:

Following the story and videos, we did a whole group discussion.  These simple ten questions are a fun way to get students thinking critically and responding  appropriately using the yes/no response sticks.  

Once our whole group discussion was completed, students did a little bit of independent work.  Students colored the coloring page independently. 

After the students have been introduced the subject with social stories and videos, discussed the topic in depth and worked independently on a coloring page, I like to introduce a hands on interactive notebook activity.
I love these behavior interactive notebook pages because my students are able to work on them independently with the use of the visual instructions.  The only thing some of my students need help with is the cutting.  I have two levels, writing and non-writing so that all of my students can participate.
This activity was a simple story where students wrote about one time they worked with a friend.  The lower level is a simple coloring activity and all they write is a friends name, and the second one is a fill in the blank  writing activity with more detail.

To end the week with this lesson, students are assessed on the subject at their own level.  I have 3 different levels in my classroom, matching, multiple choice and constructed response.  (my level 3 kiddo was absent so his is not completed the picture below yet!)

I have all of my Behavior Basics Curriculum activities binded into unit workbooks.  This makes for super easy no prep during the week!

Do you want to get these activities in your classroom?  Click on the below to see all that is included!

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