10 Resources You Can't Start the Year Without!

Every classroom is different.  Every student is different.  Every teacher is different.  Because of this, every teacher is going to set up their own classroom a little differently from one another.  AND THIS IS OKAY!  When setting up your classroom, it is important to use research based tools and strategies to implement the best practices of special education and classroom management.

Today, I am going to provide you with a list of 10 resources that are guaranteed to make your year start off on the right foot and run a little smoother.  Here is a little video I did to showcase what and why I recommend these resources for your classroom!

This starter kit will help you visualize and organize your classroom set up with an easy to read manual.  220 pages are organized into a 15 part guide to help break down the steps needed to set up a successful special education program.  To see more about the starter kit, click here to read more.

Every classroom needs a set of rules posted in the classroom for a successful school year.  I prefer to break them down into 5 simple rules that can be used in all settings and address all behaviors.  Because students are more successful with visual supports, I like to pair my rules with a visual to go along with it.  Grab these free here.

I say this time and time again, but visuals are the backbone to any classroom.  Visuals help to set expectations, create consistency and build smooth transitions.  There are a wide variety of visual schedules that can be used in a classroom.  To read more about the different schedules I use in my classroom, read more here.  I like to display my weekly schedule for all staff and students to see in addition to individualized student schedules.  Some students perform better with the traditional wall schedule while some students are able to manage a student binder schedule.

Teaching inside of a special education classroom, you can often times teach multiple grade levels or students of with a wide range of abilities.  Teaching in small groups in the format of a work center rotations seems to be the best way to meet all of my students needs.  Because a lot of my students may have different behavioral needs, I created a color coded work center rotation system with visual cues to build independence with each transition.  To see this in action, watch my work center rotation video here.  You will be able to see how student rotate to colored tables using a visual working card.

Task boxes are a staple in EVERY special education classroom.  This system helps to build independence within the classroom in a systematic and easy to implement way.  I use the standard plastic shoe box size containers to store tasks.  In order to implement a task box system in your classroom, labels of some sort are needed.  To see how I organize my task boxes, read more here.

While having a great task box system set up in your classroom is great, it will only stay great if your students know how to complete each task.  I like to stick a visual cue card inside each task box for students to follow with not staff prompting.  These cue cards are super easy to make using the editable template I have created for you here.  Simply snap a few pictures, plug them into the document and print.  (oh, and of course, laminate for durability!)

Calendar!  Every student needs to learn the basic calendar skills.  However, calendar can be a tricky time in a classroom if you are teaching students of a wide variety of abilities.  How do you keep all students engaged while not boring the others.  I have developed a color coded calendar system with 5 different levels ranging from writing to just pointing.  This calendar system can be easily implemented with minimal staff during your day.  To see it in action, check out my calendar video tour as I walk you through the steps of my calendar routine.

Everybody needs to greet their students to make students feel welcome the second they step in the classroom.  Do you like walking into a room and have nobody notice you? Of course not, it makes you feel little and unwelcome.  I purposely start my day with a fun morning meeting to greet each student and make them feel welcome and accepted at school.  Want to see a video of my routine in action, click here to see it for yourself!

With every classroom, you are going to have varying needs from your students.  Some students may need an extra visual or two to help them be successful within your classroom.  To see what all is included in my working card bundle, click here to see more.

Every classroom needs a "safe spot" for students to go and cool down.  I like to set up a calm down corner in my classroom that can be used as often or as little as needed.  This is not something I choose to "wait" and see if I will need.  I like to have a place in my classroom from day 1 established, so that no student becomes aware that "that spot was made for that kid."  It simply becomes a part of the classroom like a library or computer station.  It is there for when it needs to be used, simple enough!  To see more about my carrying calm down kits, click here to see!

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