New School Year, NEW START!

I don't know about you, but I feel like every summer I spend countless hours trying to brainstorm the perfect classroom.  I re-work a million little details in my mind before I even step foot in my classroom in August.  I know I am not alone with this, but why do we teachers torture ourselves!?  I believe its because we really do want what is best for our students.

Today, I am going to outline for you some steps to setting up your classroom in the most efficient way possible to benefit your students.  Yes, bulletin boards and classroom themes are fun, but are they effective?

Here is how I plan for my class each year in a logical, systematic and checklist type of way!

Here is my checklist:

Everybody is different, and everyone's brain is wired differently.  Some people prefer to jump into curriculum planning first or start with their daily schedule.  I, personally, prefer to plan in the order listed above.  I feel like this makes for a seamless classroom set up and prevents myself from having to "re-do" my work over and over again!

My special education starter kit outlines all 11 steps in great detail full of pictures and floor plans.  There are also detailed checklists for each step of the way to help you stay organized.  Here is an example of the floorpan checklist:

Interested in all 11 checklists?  Grab my special education starter kit HERE!


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