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Holiday Gift Guide For Teachers

 As a teacher, I get asked all the time what I want for Christmas.  I feel like its such an "awkward" question to get asked for and am never prepared to give an answer.  I wanted to create a holiday gift guide to share with others to help thank a teacher during the holiday season.  It is a great mix of relaxing gifts, classroom gifts and personal gifts.

Holidays In The Classroom

Do you celebrate holidays in the classroom?  I love celebrating holidays in the classroom because you can cross the holiday themes into all subjects and skills in the classroom!

Behavior Basics Data Collection Bundle

If you have been following me for awhile, you know I have a strong passion for teaching the basics of behavior in the classroom.  I truly believe that we, as educators, are expected to teach students how to become independent, self sufficient and successful students.  Knowing how to act, behave and treat others is not an instinctual behavior.  It is something that must be taught and reinforced as students grow.  In the special education setting, the basics of behavior are often forgotten which can then cause a domino affect of creating challenging behaviors and creating struggling students.

Behavior Basics Book Club List

I am SUPER excited to announce my newest product series, the Behavior Basics Book Club!  The behavior basics book club was created to help teach students the basics of behavior through childhood classic books.  The behavior basics book club can be set up in your classroom and utilized as a valuable resource to teach students various behaviors and how to be successful in the classroom.  Proudly display your behavior basics book club books in your classroom so that you can grab it in a second when a refresher lesson is needed on any given day!

I have chosen a childhood favorite book to align with each lesson in my behavior basics book curriculum.  These books provide a fun alternative to direct instruction to teach the basics of behavior.  These books provide critical thinking and hands on activities for extension activities in your classroom!

10 Resources You Can't Start the Year Without!

Every classroom is different.  Every student is different.  Every teacher is different.  Because of this, every teacher is going to set up their own classroom a little differently from one another.  AND THIS IS OKAY!  When setting up your classroom, it is important to use research based tools and strategies to implement the best practices of special education and classroom management.

New School Year, NEW START!

I don't know about you, but I feel like every summer I spend countless hours trying to brainstorm the perfect classroom.  I re-work a million little details in my mind before I even step foot in my classroom in August.  I know I am not alone with this, but why do we teachers torture ourselves!?  I believe its because we really do want what is best for our students.

Kindness Rules FREEBIE: The Monster Who Lost His Mean

I try not to get too personal on my blog, however today I am going to speak my 2 cents, if you don’t mind.  (And there is a freebie included, so it’s worth the read!)