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Everything You Need To Know About a Calm Down Kit!

I get asked all the time about the difference of my calm down kits. The simple answer?  Each different calm down kit has different resources to meet the needs of your students.  You do not need one to use the other, all three are standalone resources that can be used to help students cope.  The long answer? Keep reading...

New Year, New You, New Perspective

Motivating the Kids With Zero Motivation

Motivation is a big component of our human make up.  People have different beliefs about motivation and whether it is something you are "born with" or if you are able to influence your own motivation level.  I, personally, believe it is a combo of both just like I believe that both nature and environment both play a role in a persons ability to maintain self control.

Teaching Students to Take a Break

Teaching students to take a break is a great skill in helping students learn to cope with emotions.  Giving students the opportunity to request and grant a break is a skill that can really "make or break" a students ability to be successful in the classroom. Breaks can look different in different settings. They can also vary depending on the student.  

Toilet Training in the Classroom

As a special education teacher, we often times are faced with things such as toilet training, potty training or bathroom training, which ever you choose to call it!  Either way, it can be a daunting task but the rewards can be life changing for the student and their family.

How To Conquer Work Centers

Work centers can be such a hit or miss for teachers.  So many times I hear these horrific stories about how chaos set out the second work centers begin.  Well, let's get to the route of the problem? 

Do students know where to go during work centers?
Do student's know what's expected of them during work centers?
Are your work centers organized?
Is student work/tasks ready when they arrive to the work centers?
Is your work center routine consistent?

Sight Word Work Center Organization

I get a lot of questions about how I organize my sight word products materials in my classroom.  I wanted to show you how you can easily set up a work center rotation center within your classroom.  By setting it up in a functional way, you will easily be able to differentiate in your quick rotation centers.