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#ResourcesThatGive Students A Chance At Success

Being a moderate/severe special education teacher, it is safe to assume that my day is different than the typical teachers day.  I don't say mean to say that my day is more difficult or challenging in any way.  Simply put, it is different.  It is this difference that made me want to be a special education teacher.  

Thankful in 2016

Working With Others

Building a positive classroom community is a goal of mine every day.  The littlest adjustments within your routine and interactions with students can help shape a safe, caring and nurturing environment.  One of the most important things I have found to build a successful classroom is to et students working with one another in a successful manner.

Classroom Timers

Do you use timers in the classroom?  I sure do!  Today I'm talking about a few of my favorite timers that I use in my classroom on a daily basis!

How to Move in the Classroom

I spend a good part of my day instructing students to slow down, walk with the class and stay with their group.  These commands can become so repetitive during the day.  I was excited to discuss this behavior in detail this wee to cut back on the distractions during educational time!

Let's Keep Behavior Exciting!

I know that all of our classrooms use token boards and basic behavior reward systems.  I use my token boards all day, every day.  They are a MUST.  However, sometimes I find that teachers get to wrapped up with the "working for" cards that they forget to have some fun with behavior too.  I wanted to share a few ways I reward my students in the classroom as a whole!

Following Directions- Behavior Basics

Teaching students to follow directions can be a tough skill to teach.  However, it is SUCH an important skill to master.  So many times I hear teachers complaining that "they just don't listen to me."  Well, have you ever taught your students how to follow directions?  If we don't teach them the skills, how can we expect them to follow them?