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Let's Discuss Staying On Task

Wouldn't it be great if students stayed on task...all day...every day?  Well, yes, of course it would be!  But wouldn't perfection be boring?  Let's discuss different ways you can teach students the importance of staying on task while at school!

Computer Area Visuals

Do you have a computer area in your classroom?  If so, do you have visuals to support your students educational and behavioral needs?  Today I am sharing with you how I run my computer area for seemless transitions to and from the computer area!

Learning about Classroom Transitions

Smooth transitions are the backbone to any successful program.    A good transition will carry over into the next activity in the classroom.  If you have hectic transitions, students will take some time to recover from it and will directly affect their performance in the classroom.  Simply set routines and expectations early on for a smooth year.

My Calendar Routine Video Tour

I have blogged about my calendar routine several times in the past.  I just ABSOLUTELY love it!  All of my students are able to participate at their own level of independence.

Teaching Students to Raise Their Hands

Do you have children shouting out all day?  So many times a day I hear "Mrs. Finch I need...."  It can be come overwhelming to constantly hear students asking for wants needs or questions.  I decided to devote an ENTIRE week to learning and practicing raising your hand.

Morning Meeting Video

I get a lot of questions about how I start my day.  I do things a little different than most educators.  I do my morning meeting separate from my calendar.  My morning meeting is simply a fun way to start the day by greeting each student and staff!  This also give my staff a quick 10 minutes to check backpacks for notes from parents!

Behavior- The BIG Picture

Let's face it, behavior management is THE most important component of any classroom.  A classroom, whether it be a Kindergarten class or a high school algebra class, will not be successful if the teacher does not maintain good classroom management.  So often times, behaviors are misunderstood and assumed intentional on the students behalf.  Today, we are going to look at behavior- the BIG picture.