How Would We Survive Without our Schedules?

Since starting my own classroom blog, I have been thinking of where to start! What is the best way to share my classroom with a complete stranger?  How can I portray my classroom over a blog without walking you through my door?

After a few days... I decided that it would be best to start with the backbone of my classroom: SCHEDULES!  My classroom runs like a well oiled machine, one that adheres to a strict daily schedule.  Teaching student's with significant disabilities, it is crucial to create routines and maintain consistency.  With that being said, we have a daily schedule that we follow every single day!  Here it is:

I post our daily schedule in a visual readable format for my students.  I use Boardmaker to create schedule icons for my students.  I use a pocket chart to post my large daily schedule in the front of the classroom:

As a class, we check our schedule to create smooth transitions and to minimize any behaviors that can be induced by transitions, stress and changes.  The picture icon is turned over when finished.  After we check our class schedule as a class, students are instructed to check their schedules.  

Each student has their own schedule posted in the room.  By checking their schedules, they are using the schedule icons to transition smoothly to the next classroom activity.  I use a wide variety of schedules, all individualized for my student's different needs:
This schedule is used for my lower functioning students.  Actual pictures are used to represent each activity.  Each PEC has a large image with small text.  Only a few schedule icons are put on a schedule at a time.

This schedule is used for my student's who are beginning to read.  They understand that pictures represent activities.  In each schedule icon, the picture and text are equal size.

Like the first schedule posted above, real pictures are used to represent the daily activities.  I attached these schedule icons to a binder ring.  This is used for student's with physical limitations and are unable to check their schedule independently.

This schedule is used for readers.  Each schedule icon is posted with easy to read text.

Student's check their schedule by removing the picture icon from the laminated sentence strip and placing it on the "What time is it?" placard.  When the activity is finished, they move the picture icon into the finished pocket and check for the next activity.

By implementing these daily schedules into best practice, student's understand the consistent daily schedule we have put in place.  These schedules have been a life-saver in my room;  minimizing behaviors and creating smooth transitions.  By checking schedules, my student's know where to go and when.

In this Daily Schedule Pack I have posted on Teacher's Pay Teachers, you will find all the components needed to implement picture schedules into your classroom.  I have 38 different daily schedule icons.  Each icon comes in the 2x2 inch size for individual schedules and 4x4 inch size for the large classroom schedule.  I have also included a label for the "finished" envelope and the "what time is it" placard.

Please contact me if you would like any additional images that you use in your classroom.  I am happy to email any personalized touches/change of working to make it perfect for you and your classroom!


  1. I am starting a new Autism program at my middle school in the fall and have officially become stalkers on many special ed blog, including this one, lol. I love all of your visuals, especially these schedules and your adapted books, and will be purchasing some of your products.I am looking forward to reading your posts and getting ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh goodness, thanks you made my night! I am new to the blogging world so any support is MUCH appreciated. I am in my second year teaching an Autism class, and let me tell you, Adapted Books are a huge success. Email me at and I would love to send you a free adapted book to take a look at. I needed all the help I could get when starting up my own program, and I'd love to help you :) Happy Tuesday!