Organizing PECS

In my first year of teaching, I would spend so much time every day after school getting my schedules ready.  I would find PECS on the floor, in task boxes, behind furniture and in my coat pockets.  It was driving me CRAZY! I was trying to find the best way to organize them in a quick, easy to set up manner.  When I was at Joannes I came across these containers, and they were PERFECT!

I am able to have all of my PECS organized by each PEC.  I have four tubs full of PECS.  I have each tub sorted by category.  I have two tubs for schedule icons, one tub for communication icons and one for miscellaneous.  

I keep a small dollar bin in the front of the room where my staff and I throw PECS throughout the day. When I have a few minutes I can quickly put them away where they belong.  I also have some of my higher student's help me organize these, and they enjoy it!

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