Dolch Noun Puzzles

I created a great activity for my kiddo's, Dolch Noun Puzzles!  I use the Dolch Sight word lists to drive instruction and to create IEP goals.  I decided to make these Dolch Noun puzzles for fun center activities! They have been a hit :)

All 95 Dolch Nouns are included in the bundle.  Every word has its matching picture.  For my class, I chose to put 10 words and 10 pictures in a baggie for one student to work on at a time.  Students will match the sight words to the picture.  I did not want to overwhelm any student with too many words at one time.

I laminated the sight word cards and the picture icons and attached velcro to each piece.  Students can attach the picture to the sight word for a staff member to walk around to check.  This has been a great activity for my kiddo's!

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  1. I love this idea. This is a great, interactive way to check that verbal and non-verbal students can read. Plus this provides plenty of practice opportunities. Thank you for sharing.