Summer/Blog Vacation!

Okay fellow bloggers and readers... it's time for a vacation! This is my last blog post for about 2 weeks! I have friend and family coming in town! I will resume my daily blogging August 1st!

In August I will be focusing on how to prepare for your first day with your kiddos... AND their parents!  I will be doing some posts between now and August... but that will only be product previews of some of my most popular products on TPT.  If your interested, check back for pictures and video's of those!  Also... be sure to check out A Special Sparkle! I am an author on that collaborative blog and their are some FABULOUS ladies that will be posting daily... you will love this site! 

I do have a GREAT freebie today for you :) Click on the image below!
This is a 7 page picture recipe book for making apple smiles! Perfect for September :)

Happy Summer!

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