Individual Sensory Boxes

I have a few fidgety kids in my class.  So what do I do with them? I give them a sensory box! 

I created a few individual sensory boxes that I store in their desks.  I just use a cheap shoebox bin and attach velcro to the lid.  I use PEC's and attach them to the lid.  Student's will request 1 item from the box by choosing a PEC. For every item in the box, their is a PEC.

Depending on the student, I will put different things in the box.  I allow my kiddo's to carry an object around with them if it will help soothe them.  As long as the kiddo is working and on task, they can choose a sensory item.  If it becomes a distraction, either myself or a staff member will simply carry the box to the child and prompt them to put it back inside. 

The goal of these boxes are to help students carry on through the daily schedule as independent as possible.  With these boxes I try to ease my children off of them.  I slowly start putting "less interesting" items in the tub, less items, and give it to them for shorter amounts of the time.  I love these sensory boxes... and let me tell you... they have been a life-saver to me!

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  1. hello, what a good idea to practice this... it also enhance their sense of self belonging... Good idea..i will practice this to my client in my setting here