Daily Schedule

I get this question A LOT... what is your daily schedule!?  I am going to try to write it out as simple as possible :)


8:30    School Wide Flag Salute/Line up
8:40    Morning Fitness/Bathroom
9:00    Morning Meeting (Social Skills/Life Skills/Classroom Jobs)
9:20    Work Centers (Technology, IEP goals/writing, math)
10:20  Breakfast
10:35-10:55 Recess
11:00  Bathroom/Sensory Tub Play
11:20  Work Centers (Technology, Reading, Independent Work)
12:20  Calendar
12:45-1:40 Lunch
1:40    Bathroom/Rest time
2:10    Speech/ OT/APE and TASK Boxes/ART/Science
2:45    Recess/Pack-up


  1. Hi Melissa!
    If you don't mind, can you share exactly what you do during your Centers time; who does what/where/what your students are doing? Thanks :)

    - Victoria

  2. Hello..! I think your blog is great!
    I am the inclusion teacher of a teenager with autism in a regular school (almost 2.000 students in school) and following schedules is one of his IEP goals. It is very hard because in middle school the schedule rotates, changing every week and affecting his time with specialists (sensory room, O.T, Language and Learning...). Every morning we write down the schedule together on a white board and he is able to remember it for the rest of the day, however, he is still not able to see the big picture and understand the rotation. Do you have any ideas?


    Nathy =)

    1. I hope that Melissa doesn't mind that I respond in her place. I am sure you have a solution already since it is now the beginning of April. I teach students with Autism at the middle school level. Sounds like a difficult schedule. I would use a word document or excel spreadsheet and come up with a document that that outlines the daily schedule for each week. Then each day you can just go over the changes. Here is a link to The Autism Helper (who also teaches middle school) with a bunch of different daily and weekly schedules so you can have an idea of what might work for your student. You could add a box on the schedule itself for changes. You could laminate it or stick it in a page protector for convenience. It's easy to make changes at the quarter or semester if you have it saved. I hope this helps even a little for the future.

    2. Hi Nathy,
      Sorry for the late response! This one went RIGHT past me. Jannike thanks for stepping in! Yes, I think she has some great ideas. I have to have everything organized in excel for me to keep a clear head. Imangine for your kiddo how confused he may get. Also… have you tried a binder schedule? One that could go with him from location to location? It could be a velcro set up with small icons or words if he is reading. That way you are flexible for him and he has his schedule travel with him. I will post about this THIS week, so please come back and check in :)