September Science Unit!

I am in completely in love with The Autism Tank and her science units she has posted.  I bought her unit for the month of September and added some of my own goodies along with some fun activities! Here is what I have planned for September!  BODY PARTS/HUMAN BODY

I made cute science folders for the kiddo's and laminated them so that they can last all year.  I then run off the months worksheets in advance so they are ready to go and easy to complete!

I then created a bunch of file folder games.  Some of these I got off of boardmaker share, some off TpT for free, some from The Autism Tank and a few I made myself!

I ordered these goodies from Oriental Trading Company! I have a blow up skelton and a blow up digestive system! I plan on focusing on body parts for my lower kiddo's and challenging my older kiddo's with the "human body."

In The Autism Tank's Unit, she has Science vocabulary cards that I printed, glued to construction paper and laminated.  I use this to test kids for understanding.  I can ask questions such as, "Show me the mouth," "Point to the body part that you see with."  We also play games and much more with these.

Body Part BINGO! (Boardmaker Share)

PUZZLES! I got these for a dollar at staples!

Vocabulary Cards (I made these myself!)

To keep it simple, I store all the science materials, games and folders in a crate.  When it is science time I can pull it out easily.  In the afternoon we do science in small groups.  While I have two kids work out of their folder, three will play bingo, 2 with puzzles etc.  I usually do science in a more casual manner and include lots of songs and games to make it fun and interactive!



  1. Have you ever put up anything about lesson plans or a template you use? How do you implement all these amazing activities and how often do you spend on the topic? Do you do social studies as well?

    1. Hi Kate,
      I do not use formal lesson plans. I schedule my day into precise work centers. I will do a post this week about my daily schedule. Yes, I rotate in between social studies and science!!! I usually only do one subject at a time, as their is just NOT enough time in the day to cover both!

  2. This just made my day! So glad to see how you have used the unit and I love your additions as well. Hailey from Autism Tank

  3. I love boardmaker share. I had downloaded some of those same resources - the body file folder activities and the BINGO! So awesome.

  4. are you familiar wit Phyl Macomber's THE PACT program, it would making planning so much easier!

  5. I love this idea for science. I have been struggling on how to make science applicable for my kiddos but this has opened my eyes. Do you create the worksheets that are put into the folders for them or did you get them somewhere? Thank you again for this wonderful idea.