"Bubble Map" with Special Thinkers!

My district is pushing "thinking maps" like CRAZY this year!  All of the teachers are meeting together in grade level teams discussing paragraph writing, essay writing, and history timelines in terms of "thinking maps."  WELL---- supririse suprise, this doesn't just "fit" in my curriculum.  

We went through two days of extensive professional development learning of the most amazing ways these thinking maps can enhance our children's education. By utilizing thinking maps, our kids will better develop as critical thinkers.  WELL--- what happened when I raised my hand and asked a question???


"How do you suggest we use thinking maps for non readers?"
"How can I implement thinking maps for students who require hand over hand prompting to write their name?"
"How would you suggest filling in a thinking map for a non-verbal student?"


Typical for me.  Spend a day at professional development and have NOTHING apply to my class.

Anyways, sorry for my long rambles.  With our whole district focusing on thinking maps, I have created a few ways of implementing thinking maps in my classroom.  I created large posters of thinking maps and laminated them.  I then attached velcro to the bubbles so that I can create various thinking map interactive activities for my kiddo's.



I have many more activities for thinking maps that I will be sure to share in the future!

Do you use Thinking Maps for your instruction?


  1. THIS IS AMAZING! I am a first year Special Ed teacher in an moderate-severe autism classroom and my school is pushing the thinking maps, too. I love seeing the way you adapted them to make them work, and I am stealing some of your ideas! Thank you!!!!

  2. I love this idea. I have been to many PD days where what they are talking about really doesn't apply to my kids the way they are teaching us as teachers to do something. I continuously struggle with this but I do love this idea and will work on implementing it myself in my own room. I might change the flow chart to have the "First, next, then" be removable so that I can add on as they get better at sequencing but great, GREAT idea.