My Version of a "Diaper Bag."

How do you carry around those classroom essentials with you? I have a cute bag that we carry all of our necessary materials with us at all times!

I was sure to buy a bag with a zipper so all of our goodies don't fall out.  I also like to hid our diaper and such when my staff takes my kids to the bathroom because I do not want them to get made fun of.  In this bag I carry the following:




Every afternoon after school I load the bag for the needed supplies.  I take this out with me to the bus in the morning because you never know when you need a kleenex or some sanitizer real quick!  My aides also take this with them to lunch and recess as well as all of our specials.  

I sometimes have my kids help by carrying the bag with them in line!  This is a simple way to stay organized and to cut out all of those trips back to the classroom when you forget or need something!!!


  1. We also have token boards reinforcers and headphones in our bag!

  2. I started doing the same thing this year. It has been a huge help!