New AAC Devices in my Classroom!!!!

It's no secret that I LOVE technology.  I incorporate iPods, iPads, communication switches, go-talks, big buttons, 7 Level Communicator and much more in our daily routine!!!  After weeks of waiting for Low Incidence funding to go through, one of my students just got her new device, the Nova Chat 10.  This week we had several people come in to set it up, install the wheelchair mount, adjust the reach and train all staff.

Here are a few pictures of her and her device.  I will upload a video next week touring the device, and all of the options it has! The Nova Chat-10 is absolutely wonderful, and now her physical disability will not hold her back to meeting her full potential!


  1. Is this an eye gaze device? -one of my students is soon to be getting a similar looking device looking forward to hearing more about it!

    1. Hello, This is not an eye gaze device. She is able to use a two finger touch on the touch screen- Nova Chat 10.

  2. Awesome! What a great technological addition to your class!

    I am your newest follower - I found your blog on A Special Sparkle, and am so excited to read more of your posts :)

    Mindful Rambles