November Products!

November is in just a few days... and you know what that means.  Time to laminate and get things ready!  I wanted to share a few November goodies that might just be good for your bunch of kiddo's this year~

I have a new vocabulary bundle for the month of November.  The vocabulary words for November are: November, turkey, leaves, scarecrow, pumpkin, Indian, corn, turkey dinner, farm, cornucopia, fall, pumpkin pie, pilgrims, squash, popcorn, thank you, farmer, family, rake, windy.

Included in this bundle:
-Refrigerator Copy of Vocab. words to be sent home (B/W and Color)
-4 x 4 inch Vocabulary Cards (For word wall/pocket chart)
-Flash cards with pictures (for fluency)
-Flash cards without pictures (for fluency)
-File Folder Game- Sight Word to Picture Match
-File Folder Game- Picture Match
-Bingo (calling cards and 20 bingo game cards)
-3 Picture to Sight Word Match worksheets (B/W and Color)
-Vocabulary Coloring Book
-Spelling Test/Practice Sheets
-ABC Order Worksheet
November Adapted Books:
In November, one of my big themes I teach my kiddo's are how to set a table.  We also go over dinner table manners and etiquette.  Before Thanksgiving break, my staff and I host a big feast for the kiddo's.  The kids help set the table and practice dinner table manners.  This is always a highlight for our classroom!  This adapted book provides hands on practice in how to set the table!
This is a fun interactive adapted book for children with special needs. The children can look to find a Turkey for the month of November, one of their favorite seasonal characters. This book uses prepositions and helps to build vocabulary. Students will use Velcro pictures to complete each sentence frame. This book contains 12 interactive pages.

This is one of the Book of the Month- Interactive Activities for Children with Special needs. This bundle focuses on the children's favorite, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves. In this bundle you will find a bunch of hands on activities for your pre-readers:

-Picture Vocabulary Cards
-File Folder Game. Picture to Picture matching
-File Folder Game. Picture to Word matching
- Math Worksheets
-Writing Worksheets
- Following Directions Worksheet
- Comprehension Question Flash Cards. 
- Take Home Book Report Project


  1. I love all of your stuff!!! I just purchased your vocabulary unit for November! My kids loved the October unit!! I also purchased your Peek A Boo Where is the Turkey? when I purchased Peek-a-Boo Where is the Ghost?. Your resources are a wonderful time saver for me. These work perfectly for my self-contained K-5 special education class! Keep the great resources coming!!! Thanks for all YOU do! Thanks, Jodie