Reading Comprehension Activity: My Fish!

I get a lot of questions how I teach/test reading comprehension strategies with my students.  Like I mentioned in my listening center post, I like to use the listening center to help aide students comprehension skills.  Here is an example how I adapted a simple picture book from my listening center activity for my classroom.

My Fish by Juan Quintana

Using boardmaker, I created a simple sentence frame.  I laminated all the pieces and applied velcro to create this life long comprehension activity for this book!

The book is a repetitive storyline, each page starting with "My fish is ____"  I created the PEC's in boardmaker to match the story so that students could fill in the sentence frame on their own.  Here are some pages of the story:

This is a simple activity that I implement during my work centers.  Students listen to the story while a staff turns the pages.  Once the story is over, we ask questions about the story and fill in the sentence frame as a group.  After a few days, students are expected to complete the sentence frame on their own depending on their ability. 


  1. I love this idea. This is a great idea to use for nonverbal kiddos. I have 4 non-verbal kiddos in my room now and this idea just sparks more ideas for me. I could use this same idea in morning circle with "Todays' weather is __________" and have them fill that in or "My name is ___________" Thank you for a great idea that just sparked more ideas that I can use in my room.

    1. Hi Amy, I have a few products that might just meet your non-verbal kiddo's needs! Calendar Books and my ALl About Me Book!

      Hope these idea's can be helpful for you!