Organizing Work Center Materials

Organization is key to a smooth day.  No matter what the supplies are, they must be easy to access and ready to go in a moment.  I wanted to show you two organization strategies I use to make for quick last minute activities for those unplanned unexpected moments when your "planned" lesson plans fall through!
Above I have a bin ready to go for writing practice.  I have these dollar chalk boards from Oriental Trading Co that I just LOVE.  They are just like the Handwriting without Tears chalkboards for a fraction of the price. I have the chalk boards, chalk, and erasers organized in an easy to pull out bin.  I also keep a set of flashcards in here that I can use to pass out to my kiddo's.  I like to pass out a flash card to each kid, and have them copy the word to their chalkboard.

These are bins from Lakeshore that I love.  This is where I organize my file folder games.  I keep about 10 in each bin and swap them out each month so that my kids don't get bored of them.  Yes, you can do the math, I have over 100 file folder games.  I LOVE them :)

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