Writing Through The Year: Overview!!!

Writing Through The Year! I have designed 10 units to teach students with autism and special needs how to write! Each unit targets a different grammatical skill and has anchor charts, grammar worksheets and a student reference page to support each kiddo!  I have created 180 days worth of instruction!  For all 180 days there are four differentiated levels so that students can progress towards independence yet work as a class on the same subject at their OWN level! Here are the 10 units!

Here is what is included in each unit!

Also included are 4 different leveled journal prompts for EACH day to allow for ALL kids to write about the same topic despite their VAST needs.  Here are the 4 leveled journal prompts included:

Here is DAY 1… to give you an idea of the different formats included to allow for differentiation during your whole class writing time!
Level 1: Tracing.  Students are to trace the sentence and color the picture
Level 2: Boxes.  Students are to copy each letter below and copy the picture shown.
Level 3: Copying.  Students are to copy each word below and draw a picture to illustrate their sentence.

Level 4: Independent.  Students are to answer the journal prompt and illustrate their response.

Here are all the units that have been created to teach instruction to students with special needs.  These journals can also be used in a Kindergarten class for pre-writers!


If you are interested, you can purchase all 10 units for the price of 8! This will give you a WHOLE YEARS worth of writing materials for any pre-writing class!

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  1. woo! thank you, this like a great packet! Just what we need in our multi talented classrooms, Paula @ educatingchildrenwithdisabilities.blogspot.com