Summer Series- Organizing PECs

Day 4: Organizing PEC's tip! LIFE SAVERR!!!!!!!!!

In my first year of teaching, I would spend so much time every day after school getting my schedules ready.  I would find PECS on the floor, in task boxes, behind furniture and in my coat pockets.  It was driving me CRAZY! I was trying to find the best way to organize them in a quick, easy to set up manner.  When I was at Joannes I came across these containers, and they were PERFECT!

I am able to have all of my PECS organized by each PEC.  I have four tubs full of PECS.  I have each tub sorted by category.  I have two tubs for schedule icons, one tub for communication icons and one for miscellaneous.  

I keep a small dollar bin in the front of the room where my staff and I throw PECS throughout the day. When I have a few minutes I can quickly put them away where they belong.  I also have some of my higher student's help me organize these, and they enjoy it!


  1. I think I need these. All of a sudden I have 4 non-verbal students in my classroom and I'm thinking I will need visuals now more than ever! Time to step it up :)

    Thanks for sharing this idea.
    Breezy Special Ed

  2. Smart! I actually have several of these containers from where I used to make jewelry. No time now! I think I will repurpose them for PECS!

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

  3. We use symbols which are 10cmx10cm square, so we keep them all in clear CD sleeves (like these: - we have a wall in our resources cupboard which has rows of hard velcro on it - we then use soft velcro on each CD sleeve, to attach them to the wall.. all of our symbols are then alphabetised, so you can see all symbols clearly. SO quick to put together the schedules each day, and it means I can send any staff member (or even some students) to go a quickly grab a symbol in a crisis situation! LOVE this idea for smaller symbols though! :)

  4. I have found the best way to hold my PECs!! I have a box like that but it got too messy and took ages to fix if the kids escaped to the store room and found it! Its a jewellery holder in the shape of a dress which hangs in the wardrobe it was clear film pockets. It easily hangs in my store. I love it :)