First Day of School Parent Packet!

The first day of school for my students is this Thursday! I have ONE more day to get everything in tip top shape for my students and their families.  The excitement of the first day of school is starting to build up and I CAN'T wait to start this next year.  With that said, I thought it was important to discuss the first day of school packet that I send home every year.  

I blogged about this last year.  Ultimately, I am using the same forms as last year EXCEPT my cover letter.  That I change every year. Instead of including PDF's for you to download, I decided to upload my packet in a word document so that you can edit the forms to your liking! (JUST KNOW THAT THE FONTS and SPACING WILL BE MESSED UP IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE SAME FONTS SAVED ON YOUR COMPUTER!)  But, if it is messed up, you can simply change the font and spacing to make it cute!  If you like any of the forms, please use however you'd like.  They are free fro your use :)  Edit/change as much as you want, or use as is.  If you would like the PDF versions to make no changes, click HERE to download the forms from last year!

Here is my assembly line from today when I was making my first day packets! I love to print on colored paper.  It makes it SO much more fun!

Click below for each of the forms:

And of course… I send my forms home in my Take Home/Homework folder.  If you want these labels to make your own Homework folders, click below on the image or HERE to get them yourself!

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  1. Thank you for adding these to your blog in word document. It's always nice to see what other teachers send home so that we can add or adapt it to fit the needs of our own classroom. I love how you put the keep papers and the return papers on your folder which makes it so much easier for parents to figure out what to do. I know that oftentimes I have a pile of work that never gets taken out of their folders.