How To Start Off On The Right Foot!

There is SO much work that goes into setting up a special education classroom before anyone even steps foot inside the classroom.  It is imperative that each and every single item is in place to allow for a smooth, stress free and successful day!  Here are some tips to help you have a successful day!

Checklist BEFORE the kiddo's arrive!!!
  1. Classroom schedule up (AND CORRECT…LOL)
  2. Individual student schedules set up or prepared for students to set up themselves
  3. PEC's books accessible (double check that there are no missing pictures that fell out)
  4. Communication devices charged, turned on and updates installed (nothing worst than getting ready for the day, turning on the device, and a mandatory update/restart takes five minutes)
  5. Computer's turned on
  6. Ipod's/ipad's technology turned on and fully charged
  7. Diaper bag/bathroom bag filled and ready for ANYTHING!!! (read more here about what I store in it!)
  8. Student work centers prepped (I use my no prep math and writing curriculum in the mornings)
  9. Email checked/master calendar checked…..nothing you've forgotten!

I know this list may sound cheesy, and obvious…. but it's not.  Our students rely on us to be prepared for them.  When they walk into the classroom and your scrambling to grap a book, the device, or doing the schedule… they are sitting waiting and confused.  You never want to start the day on a bad note… no matter what.  SO by being extra prepared and minimizing those few seconds of lag, you are setting up your class, your staff and your day for success!  And at the end of the day, success is our main goal!

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  1. Hi Melissa, I can't agree with you more! How you start the day sets the tone for everyone, including adults. A consistent and organized morning routine is vital for creating a calm yet engaging day. I also find that having music on as students enter also helps as well as a "bag of tricks" for those students who need a little help. Love your site!