Dolch Noun Sight Word Activities

One of the biggest misconceptions people make is that students who can't talk are not able to read.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!  You are able to do SO much with these kiddos.  I created these Dolch Sight Word puzzles to provide practice for students to identify sight words.  It's also a great way to assess students on their sight words.

All 95 noun dolch sight words are included in this bundle.  All 95 words are included in this bundle.  Depending on the student, you can have them work with as many words as they are able to.  I store the words in sets of 10 with their picture and word pieces.  It is much easier than searching through a bag of 95 pictures!

These sight word puzzles can be used during reading activities, independent work task boxes or small group activities.  You can purchase these puzzles (HERE).

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  1. You are so right! One of my better readers who is more consistent is non-verbal! Love the post!