My Plans for Halloween in the Classroom TOMORROW

So we all know we have Halloween tomorrow.  I'm lucky to have a school where students are allowed to dress up and participate in the halloween parade.  However, tomorrow can't be all fun and games.  But I can assure you, everything we do will be Halloween based!

Majority of our "academics" will come from this FREEBIE I found online on TpT.  Click HERE to grab it yourself JUST in time for tomorrow!

So what do we have on the agenda for tomorrow?
  1. Halloween Parade- This is first thing in the morning and the parents are all invited to stay.  It is usually hectic- but I have not lost a student yet during the parade…fingers crossed!
  2. Decorate Trick-Or-Treat bags and discuss the rules.  (Click HERE to get free recourses!)
  3. Read a few stories about pumpkins, re-watch our youtube favorites about pumpkins, and recite the life cycle of a pumpkin
  4. Write facts about pumpkins (click HERE)
  5. Measure our pumpkins (click HERE)
  6. Carve Pumpkins! Yes, we play with the gooey insides :)
  7. Pumpkin Patch Comprehension (click HERE)
  8. Pumpkin Writing (click HERE)
  9. Trick-Or-Treating- All staff members are spread out within our classroom with ab bucket of candy.  They also have a visual with the words Trick Or Treat on it to use as a visual prompt for students.  Each staff member also has a big mac switch button programmed for our non-verbal students programmed to say "trick-or-treat."  Students use their decorated bags and roam the room to collect candy.  IT's super fun and the kids get GREAT practice for later on in the night!
  10. Pumpkin Math (click HERE)
  11. Watch a movie
  12. Lastly- Decorate Halloween cookies!

Oh- and of course- all of our worksheets have been printed on bright orange (I know, it looks yellow in the picture….) to make our Friday just a little more fun…because of course colored paper is cooler than white paper :)

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