Recess in a Wagon!

Do all of your kids go to the playground during recess?  Do all of them mainstream during recess without any problems? 


Several people simply think recess is a no-planning easy time of the day.  Well- they are WRONG!  Recess is a teaching opportunity for my students and staff.  I have my aides go with some students to the playground and mainstream with their peers.  They work on sharing, playing games and socializing.  

I have some students that at this time, they are unable to do this.  It's too much of a challenge.  I challenge them in a "Safe" way.  That's why I created wagon full of recess toys.  I have scoops, balls, bubbles, jump ropes, badminton, and board games.  My students bring the wagon out to their "recess area."  My staff and students have a spot with some benches under a tree on the playground.  This way my students who have such social challenges are still on the playground with their peers yet still have the safety net of their toys and staff to help them cope with their emotions.  We are lucky to have some great buddies that will come and play with some of our toys with my students.  This is great social practice for my students!

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