Special Education Classroom Daily Schedule- Morning Fitness and Morning Meeting

Morning Fitness takes place first thing in the morning..  After school wide flag salute students go straight to the playground for free play for a few minutes.  Once everyone is situated, I start morning fitness.
 It changes every day and is the most laxed part of our day.  Every day we do different activities.  Some examples include: swing 50 times, run around the handball courts, shoot the basketball, play tether ball, handball and soccer.   I try to keep it fun and incorporate sharing, rule following and team building skills.  It's not necessarily a drill sergeant type of PE.
 I use these visuals to prompt students to the activity.  Sometimes we only do one activity in the morning, and other days we do several.  
The most important thing that occurs during Morning Fitness is that my aides take students to the bathroom either in groups or individually based on their needs so that we don't have any bathroom interruptions once we get into the classrooms.  The ones that need assistance get it, and those that just need to be sent go on their own.  This makes the morning routine in the classroom way better with less interruptions.

This is the first thing we do when we step into our classroom following our morning fitness.  My students put all of their belongings away in their lockers, check their schedules and sit down to start Morning Meeting.  Morning Meeting is a 15 minute activity that, in my opinion, starts the day in a fun way!  

Morning Meeting is different every day but works on the same necessary life skills: communication, social skills, and team building skills.  The main goal of Morning Meeting is to take attendance and say good morning to everyone.  While I am conducting Morning Meeting, my aides can check my students back packs, pull out any communication logs, get student lunch/snack out, and have the morning centers ready to go by the time Morning Meeting is finished.  Like I mentioned above, we do different activities every day.  We rotate through them so that my student's don't get bored!

First, we sing good morning songs.  Next, I call students up to the front of the room to “check in.”  Their names are laminated and attached to the board with a magnet.  Students find their name and put it in the “present” or “absent” spot.  I love using the magnets because it makes it super interactive!

Once the student has “checked in” on the interactive bulletin board, they get to choose a greeting to give me.  The choices are: wave hug, high five and shake hands.  I have visual cues to help aide the students.  They have a lot of fun picking which greeting they will do for the day!  We also work on answering questions.  I have created a simple question binder that is laminated and attached with velcro.  I use this once or twice a week.   Here are some pictures of my binder and the questions I ask.

Once Thanks for stopping by to hear about my Morning Meeting and Morning Fitness routines.  Come back tomorrow to hear about my Morning Work Center Rotations! It is my favorite time of the day!!!!

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  1. I love this series! It is perfectly timed for the new adventure I will be starting this coming year. I moved districts AND grade level! From High School self cont to K-2 Self cont! And I just learned 6 out of 9 students entering my program have Autism which is new for me as well. (Ive only had two in 4 years of teaching).

    I am curious about the morning songs. What songs do you sing/use?