"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- Sensory Tools for Autism

Small sensory toys/fidgets can make the biggest difference in a students day.  By introducing small sensory toys to a students work routine, the child may be better able to regulate their emotions.  Students can carry around a sensory toy, work for a sensory toy or take breaks with a sensory toy depending on the child’s individual needs.

Sensory toys and equipment are essential in any special education program.  Colleting them over time and asking for donations will help build your collection.


 adapted bike


 mood lighting

 dizzy disc

 resistance tunnel


 indoor swing

 bean bag

 pea pod

 dizzy disc

Thank you for joining me for a few days as I discussed sensory integration into the classroom.  The next chapter I will be discussing over 7 days is curriculum.

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  1. These are some awesome sensory tools! Love the adapted bike. We are unfortunately not allowed tramponlines in my district. I would love one.