Teaching Students to Raise Their Hands

Do you have children shouting out all day?  So many times a day I hear "Mrs. Finch I need...."  It can be come overwhelming to constantly hear students asking for wants needs or questions.  I decided to devote an ENTIRE week to learning and practicing raising your hand.
On Monday's we read a social story to introduce the behavior.  I have three different levels so that all students can participate but still master the same skill of when it is appropriate to raise your hand.
I just store them in the tub, master copies in the binders, and student copies in the individual student workbooks.

Each student has a pretty little behavior basics workbook.  Unit 1 I color coded pink to match the tabs in the interactive notebook for easy reference.
The tab for "unit 1" is pink to match the unit 1 workbooks!

On Tuesday students reviewed the social story we read on Monday with a simple coloring page.  I am sure to discuss and talk about what we are coloring to build a further understanding of the importance of raising your hand.

On Wednesday students completed a fun interactive notebook activity in their behavior basics notebook.  Students could either color pictures or draw pictures on their own depending on their individual level.  Students listed different reasons they may need to raise their hand when at school.

On Thursday I tested students with these simple review pages.  I love having 3 levels so all students can master the skills at their own page.  Some students match, others answer multiple choice questions and others answer simple Q & A.

I store everything I need for the week in a little folder holder! (Is that what it's called!? LOL)

Each day I played a different YouTube video for my visual learners.  Here are some of my faves I found for my group this year!

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