Behavior Basics Book Club List

I am SUPER excited to announce my newest product series, the Behavior Basics Book Club!  The behavior basics book club was created to help teach students the basics of behavior through childhood classic books.  The behavior basics book club can be set up in your classroom and utilized as a valuable resource to teach students various behaviors and how to be successful in the classroom.  Proudly display your behavior basics book club books in your classroom so that you can grab it in a second when a refresher lesson is needed on any given day!

I have chosen a childhood favorite book to align with each lesson in my behavior basics book curriculum.  These books provide a fun alternative to direct instruction to teach the basics of behavior.  These books provide critical thinking and hands on activities for extension activities in your classroom!
Each book has several activities included to teach students the basics of behavior. 
Lesson Plans
Anchor Chart
Reading Response Sheets
Directed Drawing Activities


To grab the entire list of books in the book club, click on the images below.  

Looking for free labels to stick on the inside cover of the books, click below too!

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The following titles are recommended to supplement my Behavior Basics Curriculum.
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Display your book club in this adorable book shelf!  This is the book shelf I found that was able to hold all 60 books in the front display.  I also store behavior manipulative, social stories, timers and visuals in the 3 cubby spots on the top.  There is also great storage on the backside for the materials you don't need immediate access to!

***The behavior basics curriculum is NOT needed to use the behavior basics book club, but can be used when more instruction is required. 

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