It's March!

Yay! It's March!!  A new month means new decorations!  We changed our bulletin board to green with a shamrock border, posted our new names on our door, and changed our vocabulary wall for the month!

Every month I post my student's names on our door.  This serves a purpose in addition to being super cute!  Every time my student's enter our classroom, they line up on the classroom ramp.  As they enter the classroom they point to their name.  In our classroom, one of the big goals for some of my lower functioning student's is to identify their name in print.  This is also easy to differentiate for those student's who can already identify their name.  I can ask them to find their friends names, or ask higher level questions like "Who is absent today?" or "Who's birthday is today?" This is a great strategy I have implemented in my classroom because it serves so many purposes!

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