Bulletin Boards!!!

My Bulletin Boards are UP! Phew...... only 10 hours later! I LOVE doing the fun things like this during back to school season.  It's a nice fresh break from the schedule making, IEP goal creating, data creating and lesson plan making.

I make sure to do my bulletin boards last... AFTER I arrange my furniture and have created a "rough" daily schedule.  This is important because you want to block of your room with furniture.. and the furniture will essentially block off areas for your bulletin boards!

 Here are my NEW bulletin boards for the year :)
(Monthly Student Work Sample Board... Standards included in the corner!)

(Monthly art work board! Right by the door to greet visitors!)

(Interactive Board... Felt and Magnetic!)

(Interactive Board... Velcro Thinking Maps and Pocket Chart)

(View of the "Blue" Table interactive boards)

(Information Board!)

(Book of the Month Thinking Map Board)

Here is my MEGA board in the front of the room!

Here are all the components of the "mega board"

(Morning Meeting Greeting Visuals)

(Morning Meeting Attendance check-in)

(Calendar Board)
(Daily Schedule)

(TEACCH Task Schedules)

(Clocks showing the time' of the day!)

(Clocks showing the time' of the day!)

(Interactive Job Board... student pictures to come soon...)

Hope you enjoyed my classroom tour :)


  1. Incredible! How do you get all of mega board to stick up! I have the hardest time getting it to stay up during the school year.

  2. Love the clocks showing the different times for the schedule. My son is going to be in a classroom similar to yours this year and all your ideas are so helpful to me, as a mom. I saw some for $1 in the dollar aisle at Target. I could do this at home and it will reinforce his time/clock reading skills! Thank you!!!!

    1. I'm so glad you can use the idea :) Let me know how it works out!