Sensory Equipment!

This week is Sensory week! (at least from a teacher's perspective.. I'm NO expert!) Today I am talking about Sensory equipment! I LOVE using sensory integration strategies to help my students make the best of their day.  Many of my students show signs of sensory processing disorder, and it is important for us teachers to make the accommodations necessary to create the best environment for our kiddo's!

Here are some of our favorite sensory toys in our classroom :)

1. Dizzy Disc

spin away.....yes we have 2 in Room 83!

2. Adapted Bike

3.  The classic Computer Chair

4. Trampoline

5. Vibrating Snake

6. Weighted Vest

7. Weighted Blanket

8. Flower Light
9. Back Massager
10. Bouncy Ball

11. Swing

12. Fan

13.  Stretchy Suit
(a class favorite!)

I store most of my sensory equipment in the "sensory corner" so that it is easily assessable for the students and staff!  I incorporate these tools during the day on an "as needed basis" as well as during our scheduled individual or whole class sensory breaks!


  1. Great information. I pinned this so I can refer back to it as a reminder. Thanks!

  2. I love your site! You have such great ideas! That swing looks like the perfect size for my classroom. Where is it from?



    1. The chair was in my room when I started a few years ago! But I have seen them online in most special ed catalogues!

  3. We have a decent sensory room. I started it a few years ago. Its my favorite thing in my whole school. We have a small hug machine and crash pit. Its great. I'm not in love with my swing, but happy to have it.

    1. SO JEALOUS! I would die to have a sensory room or motor lab. We are stuck to just my room :/

  4. This so helpful. Thank You for sharing!