September Idea's!- Pinterest/Video's/Curriculum

It's September, school has started and what are we supposed to do!? This blog post is a huge HODGE PODGE of things that may be able to help you with your September planning!!!  I REALLY want you all to follow my September Pinterest board.  Click BELOW.  I pin several cute crafts in this board that I find from others on Pinterest.  I swear I steal all my craft ideas from others!

I'm a big fan of sensory transitions.  This strategy helps regulate all transitions and to build independence.  Read more about my sensory transitions for the month of September by clicking below:

Here is my September Vocabulary Unit that I use to drive all instruction.  Click below:

I LOVE Eric Carle, and this is my favorite book!!! Click below to read more about how I incorporate this book into our September routine!

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