Amazon Prime Day- My Favorite Back to School Goodies

So we all know that I LOVE Amazon.  I literally buy everything from there.  Sitting on my computer, clicking away is the BEST way to shop- and even better is that it's here in 2 days :)  With that being said, I am sharing with you  my own Amazon Affiliates Store!!! (this makes it easy for me to order all my favorites again and again with one simple click!)

Sensory Goods!!!!

Student Supplies:

Teacher Materials:
(These are the tools I use to create my classroom materials)


  1. I would love to see these! The links do not seem to be working (or possibly I am missing something, or my computer is not functioning correctly), are we supposed to click on the headings (sensory goods, student supplies, teacher materials) above to take us there?

    1. Hi Hallie, click on the individual link of each item to be redirected to the page!

    2. The links aren't working for me either and I'm clicking everywhere..

  2. I was looking for a coil binding machine. Remind me to get it when you get back from Spain (esy paycheck) and I'll use your link!